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Georgia FireBirds

Georgia FireBirds

June 21st

7:30 pm

Fayetteville, NC

Cape Fear Heroes

Cape Fear Heroes

spring 2015

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  • Cape Fear and X-League Departure goes Deep
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    June 22,2015 By Nicholas BoykinPhoto Credit: Jeff Ross  Sunday the Cape Fear Heroes beat the Georgia Firebirds, but this was not for the X-League title which Cape Fear was hoping to play for, that goal became unachievable after the X-League disassociated itself with the Heroes. In early May the X-League and the Cape Fear Heroes parted ways after the X-League in a press release stated that the Heroes had broken league rules during the season. The press release from the X-League stated. “T
  • 2015 Indoor Football Challenge Bowl
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      The Cape Fear Heroes to host the Georgia.Firebirds in the inaugural 2015 Indoor Football Challenge Bowl on Sunday June 21st, 2015. This game will mark the fourth consecutive season that the Cape Fear Heroes have played in a post-season game, the game will be played at the Crown time is 7:30 pm and will be Fan and Youth Appreciation Night. Tickets are slashed for this Fathers Day event as all adult tickets are $10 and kids under 12 tickets are $5.Hide original message
  • Cape Fear Heroes decide to part ways with the X-League
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    Cape Fear Heroes decide to part ways with the X-League The Cape Fear Heroes have decided to part ways with the X-League due to many recent issues that the Heroes have had with the league and some of its league, team owners and non enforced policies. The Heroes had until 5pm today to notify the X-League if it wanted to be released by its X-League contract or go forward operating under new X-League policies before the deadline the X-League Commissioner Michael Mink put out a release he stating
  • Heroes and Blue Racers Join Forces for Special Olympics
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    Saturday nights Cape Fear Heroes professional indoor football game against the Marion Blue Racers will have a unique twist to it. Both the Cape Fear Heroes and the Marion Blue Racers are members of the X-League and for two minutes during the game both teams will take a break from the battle on the gridiron against each other and work together for Special Olympics. As part of Systel and Special Olympics night Special Olympics athlete Earl Horan will get the opportunity to live his dream of being